Electric Power Distribution Engineering


Electric Power Distribution Engineering

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Electric Power Distribution Engineering

    A quick scan of any bookstore, library, or online bookseller will produce a multitude of books covering power systems. However, few, if any, are totally devoted to power distribution engineering, and none of them are true textbooks. Filling this vacuum in the power system engineering literature, Electric Power Distribution System Engineering broke new ground.

Written in the classic, self-learning style of the original, Electric Power Distribution Engineering, Third Edition is updated and expanded with:

  • Over 180 detailed numerical examples
  • More than 170 end-of-chapter problems
  • New MATLAB® applications

The Third Edition also features new chapters on:

  • Distributed generation
  • Renewable energy (e.g., wind and solar energies)
  • Modern energy storage systems
  • Smart grids and their applications

Designed specifically for junior- or senior-level electrical engineering courses, the book covers all aspects of distribution engineering from basic system planning and concepts through distribution system protection and reliability. Drawing on decades of experience to provide a text that is as attractive to students as it is useful to professors and practicing engineers, the author demonstrates how to design, analyze, and perform modern distribution system engineering. He takes special care to cover industry terms and symbols, providing a glossary and clearly defining each term when it is introduced. The discussion of distribution planning and design considerations goes beyond the usual analytical and qualitative analysis to emphasize the economical explication and overall impact of the distribution design considerations discussed.

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Table of Contents




Distribution System Planning and Automation. 

Load Characteristics. 

Application of Distribution Transformers. 

Design of Subtransmission Lines and Distribution Substations. 

Design Considerations of Primary Systems. Design Considerations of Secondary Systems. 

Voltage-Drop and Power-Loss Calculations. 

Application of Capacitors to Distribution Systems. 

Distribution System Voltage Regulation. 

Distribution System Protection. Distribution System Reliability. 

Electric Power Quality. Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy. 

Energy Storage Systems for Electric Power Utility Systems. 

Concept of Smart Grid and Its Applications. 

Appendix A: Impedance Tables for Lines, Transformers, and Underground Cables. 

Appendix B: Graphic Symbols Used in Distribution System Design. 

Appendix C: Standard Device Numbers Used in Protection Systems. 

Appendix D: The Per-Unit System. 

Appendix E: Glossary for Distribution System Terminology. 


Answers to Selected Problems. Index.    

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