Distribution System Modeling and Analysis


Distribution System Modeling and Analysis

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Distribution System Modeling and Analysis

    The latest edition includes new sections on grounded wye–delta short circuit feedback current and simulation of loop flow. The text illustrates methods that ensure the most accurate results in computational modeling for electric power distribution systems. It clearly explains the principles and mathematics behind system models and discusses the "smart grid" concept and its special benefits. Including numerous models of components and several practical examples, the chapters demonstrate how engineers can apply and customize computer programs to help them plan and operate systems. The book also covers approximation methods to help users interpret computer program results, and includes references and assignments that help users apply Mathcad and Windmill programs to put their new learning into practice.

Electric Power Distribution Engineering


Table of Contents

Introduction to Distribution Systems. 

Nature of Loads. 

Approximate Method of Analysis. 

Series Impedance of Overhead and Underground Lines. 

Shunt Admittance of Overhead and Underground Lines. 

Distribution System Line Models. 

Voltage Regulation. 

Three-Phase Transformer Models. 

Load Models. 

Distribution Feeder Analysis. 

Center-Tapped Transformers and Secondaries. 


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