Electric Safety Practice and Standards


Electric Safety Practice and Standards

Book Description

Electric Safety Practice and Standards

    Electric power engineering education traditionally covers safety of the power equipment and systems. Little attention, if any, is given to the safety of people. When they reach professional status, most power engineers are not familiar with electric safety issues such as practices governing site works or grounding techniques of dwellings, hospitals, and factories. Designed for both electrical engineering student and practicing power engineers, Electric Safety: Practice and Standards provides the knowledge and analysis they need to be well versed in electric safety.



  • Includes techniques to assess safety practices at worksites and provides remedies to correct safety problems
  • Addresses the elusive stray voltage problem and provides techniques to mitigate its impact in dwellings as well as in sensitive installations such as hospitals and dairy farms
  • Provides approximate, yet accurate, analyses and techniques that can be used to assess electric safety without the need for extensive computation or elaborate programs
  • Includes several case studies from real events and examples demonstrating how variations in electric safety procedure implementation influence safety levels

Based on the authors’ years of experience as an expert witness and electric safety training instructor, the book covers the analysis of electric safety practices as well as the interpretations of various safety codes. Including homework problems and a solutions manual, this book is a comprehensive guide to recognize and eliminate hazards of electric shocks for professionals working on electric power equipment, as well as people such as the general public in commonly used places, farms workers and animals, and hospital patients.

Distribution System Modeling and Analysis


Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Electricity. 

Basic Components of an Electric Grid. 

Physiological Effects of Electricity. 

Ground Resistance. 

General Hazards of Electricity. 

Induced Voltage due to Electric Field. 

Induced Voltage due to Magnetic Field. 

De-energized Line Work. Live-Line Work. 

Arc Flash. Atmospheric Discharge. 

Stray and Contact Voltages. 

Electric Safety under Power Lines. 

Coupling between Power Lines and Pipelines, Railroads, and Telecommunication Cables.

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