Industrial steam systems : fundamentals and best design practices


Industrial steam systems : fundamentals and best design practices

Book Description

Industrial steam systems : fundamentals and best design practices

    Industrial Steam Systems: Fundamentals and Best Design Practices is a complete, concise user's guide for plant designers, operators, and other industry professionals involved with such systems. Focused on the proper safety design and setup of industrial steam systems, this text aligns essential principles with applicable regulations and codes. Incorporating design and operation guidelines from the latest available literature, it describes the industrial steam system equipment and its operation, outlines the requirements of a functioning boiler room, and explains how to design and engineer an industrial steam system properly.


Industrial steam systems are one of the main utility support systems used for almost all manufacturing. This text describes the design and operation of industrial steam systems in simple steps that are extremely beneficial for engineers, architects, and operators. The book help readers with the information needed for the steam systems professional engineering test and boiler operator’s certificate. The text includes a sample project, executed in detail, to explain the system. It also presents relevant examples throughout the text to aid in faster learning.

This author covers:

  • Industrial steam system fundamentals and elementary information
  • System setup and required equipment
  • Applicable codes and regulations
  • Equipment operation principals
  • Best design practices for system setup, piping and instrumentation, equipment and pipe sizing, and equipment selection
  • Execution of a sample project


Table of Contents


Boiler Room Combustion and Ventilation Air. 

Industrial Steam System Operation. 

Industrial Steam System Equipment. 

Design Requirements for Piping Around the Steam Boiler. 

Steam Plant Pipe Sizing and Design Considerations. 

Sample Steam Plant Project. 

A: Tables. 

B: Details. Resources.

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