Electrical Cable Trunk Installation Work

 Electrical Cable Trunk Installation Work

In this post we can learn about Installation of cable trunking work in the mep project. We need drawing to execute the work.

Electrical Cable Trunk Installation Work
Electrical Cable Trunk Installation Work

The following equipment's, tools are need to install the cable trunking work,

Hand Tools.

Concrete Drill.

Hand Drills.

Hack Saws.

Measuring Tapes.

Fiber Cutter.



Marker Pen.

Trunking and Fittings

Brackets, Threaded Bolts & Nuts.


Preparation work of cable trunking installation work: 

Ensure that the site access and location are clear of debris and obstructions.

All relevant positions or locations on the working drawings have been marked out for the installation to proceed.

Cable Conduit Installation Work Procedure

Procedure of Cable trunking installation work

1. Refer to the Working Drawings and mark out the position of the trunking bracket supports on the Working Drawings.

2. Marked all trunking bracket support positions and locations on the walls and ceiling.

3. Drill all necessary holes in walls and slab areas for anchor bolts or inserts.

4. Use the anchor bolt or insert to secure the supporting bracket or threaded rod.

5. Measure, mark, and cut cable trunking in accordance with the shop drawing and the site conditions.

6. Using a smooth file, remove the sharp cutting edges.

7. Assemble the cable trunking with the necessary factory-made 90-degree elbow, tee, or reducer joints.

8. To ensure earth continuity, connect all points with copper earth links.

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