Electrical Sub Panel and DB Installation Work Procedure

 Electrical Sub Panel and DB Installation Work Procedure 

In this post we are going to learn about how to install/ work Electrical sub panel and DB. First we need a drawing of the work to start installation procedure.

The following Equipment/Tools/Material are Required to start the sub panel and DB work:

 First Aid Resuscitation Chart.

 Hand Tools.

 Hand Drill.

 Crane/Lorry crane.

 Measuring Tape.

 Sling belt.

 Scaffolding.

 Ladder.

 Marker Pen.

 Rubber Mat.

Pre-Preparation Work of sub panel and DB work:

 Check plinth size, height level and location according to working drawings.

Safety Precautions of sub panel and DB work:

 If it is essential, barricade the affected work areas as a safety precaution.

 Wear Proper Protection Equipment (PPE) for personal safety.

 Confirm whether documentation for lifting gear equipment is required.

Procedures for Installation of  sub panel and DB work:

1. Verify the sizes and hole positions of the mounting base frame for the SP and DB panels.

2. Trace the Expansion Anchor Bolt positions onto the plinth using the base frame holes as a guide.

3. Install the Expansion Anchor Bolt in accordance with the Method Statements in the document.

4. Placing the equipment on the plinth

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