Practical Power Systems Protection


Practical Power Systems Protection


Practical Power Systems Protection
Practical Power Systems Protection

    The book features an introduction covering the need for protection, fault types and their effects, simple calculations of short circuit currents and system earthing. The book also refers to some practical work such as simple fault calculations, relay settings and the checking of a current transformer magnetization curve which are performed in the associated training workshop. You should be able to do these exercises and tasks yourself without too much difficulty based on the material covered in the book.

    This is an intermediate level book – at the end of the book you will have an excellent knowledge of the principles of protection. You will also have a better understanding of the possible problems likely to arise and know where to look for answers.


In addition you are introduced to the most interesting and ‘fun’ part of electrical engineering to make your job more rewarding. Even those who claim to be protection experts have admitted to improving their knowledge after attending this book but at worst case perhaps this book will perhaps be an easy refresher on the topic which hopefully you will pass onto your less experienced colleagues.

We would hope that you will gain the following from this book:

• The fundamentals of electrical power protection and applications

• Knowledge of the different fault types

• The ability to perform simple fault and design calculations

• Practical knowledge of protection system components

• Knowledge of how to perform simple relay settings

• Increased job satisfaction through informed decision making

• Know how to improve the safety of your site.

Electric Power Distribution Systems Operations


Table Of Contents

1 Need for protection

2 Faults, types and effects

3 Simple calculation of short-circuit currents

4 System earthing

5 Fuses

6 Instrument transformers

7 Circuit breakers

8 Tripping batteries

9 Relays

10 Coordination by time grading

11 Low-voltage networks

12 Mine underground distribution protection

13 Principles of unit protection

14 Feeder protection cable feeders and overhead lines

15 Transformer protection

16 Switchgear (busbar) protection

17 Motor protection relays

18 Generator protection

19 Management of protection

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