Project Management, Planning and Control


Project Management, Planning and Control

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Project Management, Planning and Control
Project Management, Planning and Control

    Project Management, Planning and Control, Managing Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing Projects to PMI, APM and BSI Standards, Seventh Editions an established and widely recommended project management handbook.

    Building on its clear and detailed coverage of planning, scheduling and control, this seventh edition includes new advice on information management, including big data, communication, dispute resolution, project governance, and BIM.

    Ideal for those studying for Project Management Professional (PMP) qualifications, the book is aligned with the latest Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for both the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Association of Project Management (APM), and includes questions and answers to help users test their understanding.

Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Project Definition

Project Definition

Time-Bound Project

Cost-Bound Project

Performance (Quality)-Bound Project

Safety-Bound Project

Chapter 2. Project Management

Project Manager

Project Manager’s Charter

Project Office

Chapter 3. Programme and Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Chapter 4. Project Context (Project Environment)



Social (or Sociological)





Chapter 5. Business Case

The Project Sponsor

Requirements Management

Chapter 6. Investment Appraisal

Project Viability

Chapter 7. Stakeholder Management

Direct Stakeholders

Indirect Stakeholders

Chapter 8. Project-Success Criteria

Key Performance Indicators

Chapter 9. Organization Structures

Functional Organization

Matrix Organization

Project Organization (Taskforce)

Chapter 10. Organization Roles

Chapter 11. Project Life Cycles

Chapter 12. Work Breakdown Structures

Responsibility Matrix

Chapter 13. Estimating



Comparative (by Analogy)


Chapter 14. Project Management Plan

Methods and Procedures

Chapter 15. Risk Management

Stage 1: Risk Awareness

Stage 2: Risk Identification

Stage 3: Risk Assessment

Stage 4: Risk Evaluation

Stage 5: Risk Management


Example of Effective Risk Management

Positive Risk or Opportunity

Chapter 16. Quality Management


Quality Management Definitions

Explanation of the Definitions

Chapter 17. Change Management


Issue Management

Chapter 18. Configuration Management

Chapter 19. Basic Network Principles

Network Analysis

The Network




Precedence or Activity on Node Diagrams

Bar (Gantt) Charts

Time-Scale Networks and Linked Bar Charts

Chapter 20. Planning Blocks and Subdivision of Blocks

Pharmaceutical Factory

New Housing Estate

Portland Cement Factory

Oil Terminal

Multi-Storey Block of Offices

Colliery Surface Reconstruction

Bitumen Refinery

Typical Manufacturing Unit

Subdivision of Blocks

Chapter 21. Arithmetical Analysis and Floats

Arithmetical Analysis

Critical Path

Critical Chain Project Management

Chapter 22. The Case for Manual Analysis

The Planner

The Role of the Computer

Preparation of the Network

Typical Site Problems

The National Economic Development Office Report

Chapter 23. Lester Diagram

Basic Advantages

Chapter 24. Graphical and Computer Analysis

Graphical Analysis

Computer Analysis


Chapter 25. Milestones and Line of Balance


Line of Balance

Chapter 26. Simple Examples

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Summary of Operation

Example 4 (Using Manual Techniques)

Chapter 27. Progress Reporting


Chapter 28. Project Management and Network Planning

Responsibilities of the Project Managers

Information From Network

Site-Preparation Contract

Confidence in Plan

Network and Method Statements

Integrated Systems

Networks and Claims

Chapter 29. Network Applications Outside the Construction Industry

Bringing a New Product onto the Market

Moving a Factory

Centrifugal Pump Manufacture

Planning a Mail Order Campaign

Manufacture of a Package Boiler

Manufacture of a Cast Machined Part

Chapter 30. Resource Loading

The Alternative Approach

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