Electrical installation handbook


Electrical installation handbook


Electrical installation handbook

    The scope of this electrical installation handbook is to provide the designer and user of electrical plants with a quick reference, immediate-use working tool. This is not intended to be a theoretical document, nor a technical catalogue, but, in addition to the latter, aims to be of help in the correct definition of equipment, in numerous practical installation situations.


    The dimensioning of an electrical plant requires knowledge of different factors relating to, for example, installation utilities, the electrical conductors and other components; this knowledge leads the design engineer to consult numerous documents and technical catalogues. This electrical installation handbook, however, aims to supply, in a single document, tables for the quick definition of the main parameters of the components of an electrical plant and for the selection of the protection devices for a wide range of installations. Some application examples are included to aid comprehension of the selection tables.

Hydraulic and Electric-Hydraulic Control Systems


Table of contents

Part 1 Protection and control devices

Part 2 Electrical devices

Introduction  to Protection and control devices

1 Standards

1.1 General aspects

1.2 IEC Standards for electrical installation

1 Protection and control devices

1.1 Circuit-breaker nameplates

1.2 Main definitions

1.3 Types of releases

2 General characteristics

2.1 Electrical characteristics of circuit breakers

2.2 Trip curves

2.3 Limitation curves

2.4 Specific let-through energy curves

2.5 Temperature derating

2.6 Altitude derating

2.7 Electrical characteristics of switch disconnectors

3 Protection coordination

3.1 Protection coordination

3.2 Discrimination tables

3.3 Back-up tables

3.4 Coordination tables between circuit breakers and switch disconnectors

4 Special applications

4.1 Direct current networks

4.2 Networks at particular frequencies; 400 Hz and 16 2/3 Hz

4.3 1000 Vdc and 1000 Vac networks

4.4 Automatic Transfer Switches

5 Switchboards

5.1 Electrical switchboards

5.2 MNS switchboards

5.3 ArTu distribution switchboards

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