HVAC AHU Installation Procedure

 HVAC AHU Installation Procedure

In this post, we can learn about the HVAC AHU Installation Procedure. We open2hire.com continuously working on developing more Interview materials for job seekers to update their knowledge.

The purpose of the post is How HVAC AHU installation procedure has done.

HVAC AHU Installation Procedure

We need following three manuals for execute the HVAC AHU installation

Typical Installation Detail Drawing.

Working drawings showing Location of AHU.

AHU Manufacturer’s installation manual.

Materials required for HVAC AHU Installation

❖ Grinding/Cutting Machine

❖ Mechanical Toolkit

❖ Drill machine

❖ Crane / Chain Block

❖ Supports, anti-vibration rubber pads

❖ Nuts, bolt, gaskets, bolts

❖ Valves

 Preparation work for HVAC AHU installation

1. Inspect the AHUs/FAHUs foundation to ensure it is in accordance with approved drawings.

2. Examine the area around the foundation and ensure that the AHUs/FAHUs have access from all sides, if applicable.

3. Ensure that there is enough slope to the drainpipe for easy draining of the condensate drain.

4. Install the anti-vibration ribbed rubber pads of the proper thickness according to the approved drawings/submittals.

5. When using multiple rubber pads, stack them one on top of the other, with the ribs at a right angle.

6. If required by the consultant, AHUs/FAHUs sections are assembled on site/location by factory trained personnel.

Installation Procedure for HVAC AHU

1. Use a forklift or crane to safely transport the AHUs to their installation location.

2. Ensure that the correct AHU is relocated to the installation location.

3. The orientation of the air inlet, outlet, fresh air connection, and chilled water connection is as per the approved drawings.

4. If the AHUs are shipped in multiple sections, they will be assembled strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions, taking into account: The AHUs/FAHUs are properly installed on the foundation, with vibration isolator rubber pads in the proper locations. Determine which sections must be bolted together.

5. Place the fan section on the housekeeping pad.

6.Install gaskets at all bolted joints that must be joined.

7. Carefully place the next section to be joined on the housekeeping pad, aligning the two sections.

8. Externally joining the sections will be done with jointing brackets.

9. AHUs must be inspected again for any damage that occurred during hoisting/shifting.

10. Following satisfactory positioning of AHUs, any open air/water outlets of AHUs must be properly closed and the area cleaned, with complete protection in areas where other trades are working.

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