Here is the Jobseeker Checklist Before Coming to Dubai!!!

Looking For Job in UAE, Here is the Jobseeker Checklist Before Coming to Dubai!!! 

    Are you looking for work in Dubai? After a few tumultuous years, the labor economy is reviving to the level it was prior to the epidemic.

    According to LinkedIn's 2022 Emerging Jobs Report in the UAE, Dubai's employment market is becoming more varied, which means that businesses like security and investigation, marketing and advertising, and hospitality are looking for more personnel and are willing to fill the gap by recruiting from abroad.

    However, the IT and Oil industry continues to dominate the top jobs, with titles such as Data scientist, Full stack engineer, and Customer success specialist. So, if you're seeking for work in the computer business in Dubai, you're in luck.

Job Seekers Guide
Jobseeker Checklist Before Coming to Dubai


    I've included a list of all the crucial things you'll need to perform as part of your pre-departure preparations for your trip to Dubai; this will ensure that you receive the most interviews and answers possible. Please follow all instructions for optimum results. Create a separate notepad for job hunting. BEST OF LUCK!!!

  • Sent emails to all places 25 days before your arrival so that you can obtain responses when you arrive.) I will also supply you with an email database that you can use if you have any questions.

  • You should familiarise yourself with companies/sectors in your profession, visit their websites, and save them on your task bar.

  • Work on your CV, make it excellent, and attempt to include your Dubai phone number on it. Create an account on all employment sites 

  • Only the latest degree of documents should be confirmed, first by HEC, then from Foreign Affairs, and last from the Dubai Embassy.

  • You should have a daily schedule and devote at least 12 hours to your job hunt.

  • You should have all relevant company addresses, emails, and phone numbers 

  • Avoid visiting during the holiday season, especially from Ramadan to Eid ul adha; the ideal time to visit is from September to March.

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with individuals in your profession, and add 10 people to your network every day.

  • Because some of them are Pakistani by nationality and in high positions, write a lovely five-line note and email it to them all a week before your travel. As a result, at least a handful of them may react to you.
  • You should be aware of the existence of recruiting agencies 

  • Create at least five Hotmail or Gmail accounts so that you can send more than 1000 emails each day; otherwise, one account can only send 600 emails per day.

  • In order to send emails, you'll need a lot of data, which you may acquire from me. It's a very important activity, therefore please follow it to the fullest.

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