HVAC Design Engineer Job vacancy in Dubai

HVAC Design Engineer Job vacancy at Duncan & Ross Consulting in Dubai

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Key Responsibilities

Calculate the heat load for the air conditioning system on oil rigs, jack up vessels, offshore platforms, barges, ships, exploration and survey vessels, and so on.

Selection of equipment (Split AC, Package A/C, Chiller, AHU, FCU, Ventilation fan, Pumps, etc.), duct design, chilled water piping design, pump and valve selection, etc.

Prior to submitting vendor data sheets to the client, review them for approval/comments.

Use cooling Load Estimation software to carry out design considerations with various heat generating/transmitting/equipment/materials (Carrier HAP latest version).

Air-conditioning design, including DX and chilled water systems.

Pipe design and sizing, static pressure calculations, and grille and diffuser selection

For ductwork specification and fabrication procedures, duct design and sizing in accordance with ISO standards, EU regulations, SMACNA guide, and DW144.

Involves estimating all HVAC-related inquiries and assisting with bid submission.

HVAC Design Philosophy, HVAC Control Philosophy, Pre Commissioning & Commissioning Procedure, Interface Schedule for F&G and Platform Control System, HVAC Consolidated MTO, I/O Point Schedule, and HVAC Controls Cause & Effect

Chilled water/Condenser water P&ID, Instrument air P&ID, Flow diagrams, Isometric drawing and General Arrangement of Piping Layout, Typical Hook up drawings for Fire dampers & field instruments

Design and engineering of a ventilation system for the machinery space and engine room.

Design, planning, execution, coordination, monitoring, and site supervision expertise.

MTO at off-shore and overseas territory, independently conducting detailed site surveys and preparing scope of work.

Expert in project planning and execution, including commissioning and maintenance.

Prior to placing the purchase order with the vendor, prepare the MR and TBE for client approval.

From concept to commissioning, the HVAC system is handled independently.

Sound exposure during the creation and approval of shop floor and schematic drawings. Finalizing layout and general arrangement drawings, as well as reviewing vendor documents in accordance with project specifications.

Complete job execution on-site with the assistance of site supervisors and technicians to ensure equipment installation in accordance with approved AFC/IFC drawings as part of Mechanical completion.

Conducting an MC line walk with the client prior to beginning Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.

Pre-commissioning and commissioning of the HVAC system

Qualifications, experience, and abilities

Mechanical Engineering or Refrigeration Degree or Equivalent

Minimum of eight years' experience in HVAC design, engineering, and commissioning, as well as knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Excellent coordination and presentation abilities.

Ability to create, interpret, and follow method statements and procedures, specifications, drawings, and all other project and engineering documentation related to the discipline.

Technical drawings, plans, and data must be thoroughly understood.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is required.

Knowledge and experience in ship repair and new construction.

Advanced knowledge of HVAC regulations such as NORSOK, ISO standards, SMACNA, and DW143/144 standards.


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