Building Arduino PLC


Building Arduino PLCs: The essential techniques you need to develop Arduino-based PLCs

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Building Arduino PLC
Building Arduino PLC

Learn the fundamentals of PLCs and how to control them using Arduino software to create your first Arduino PLC. You will learn how to draw Ladder Logic diagrams to represent PLC designs for a wide variety of automated applications and to convert the diagrams to Arduino sketches.

A comprehensive shopping guide includes the hardware and software components you need in your tool box. You will learn to use Arduino UNO, Arduino Ethernet shield, and Arduino WiFi shield.

Building Arduino PLCs shows you how to build and test a simple Arduino UNO-based 5V DC logic level PLC with Grove Base shield by connecting simple sensors and actuators. You will also learn how to build industry-grade PLCs with the help of ArduiBox.

Computer-Aided Control Systems Design


Table of contents



1. Getting Ready for the Development Environment

2. Arduino, Ethernet, and WiFi

3. Arduino at Heart

4. Your First Arduino PLC

5. Building with an ArduiBox

6. Writing PLC-Style Applications with plcLib

7. Modbus

8. Mapping PLCs into the Cloud Using the NearBus Cloud Connector

9. Building a Better PLC


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