10 Strategies to Improve your Preventive Maintenance Plan


10 Strategies to Improve your Preventive Maintenance Plan

10 Strategies to Improve your Preventive Maintenance Plan
10 Strategies to Improve your Preventive Maintenance Plan

1. Make a comprehensive list of all assets the maintenance team is responsible for maintaining. 

This list should include all the specifications and maintenance instructions for every asset. Many CMMS systems have an asset hierarchy capability, in which you can link various parts to their assets, assets to their locations and more.

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2. Assess all of your assets This assessment should include the condition of equipment, repair history, total hours of operation, downtime and estimated life expectancy. 

This assessment will help us to: 

  • Determine our equipment needs as repair tools, spare parts, manpower and all other resources. 
  • Make accurate decision to continue our maintenance plan or replace the equipment. 
  • Understand our equipment's efficiency and its ability to meet our operational goals. 
  • Explore the safety level of our equipment and eliminate any hazard immediately
3. Listen to your assets 
  • As everything in the world changes rapidly and repeatedly, your preventive maintenance plan shouldn't keep constant and should be modified dependently on your asset's situation.
  • Once you hear abnormal noises from part of your asset or observe leakage from pump or valve, you have to perform the necessary repairs sooner rather than later, and adjust your upcoming preventive maintenance schedule accordingly.
4. Develop standards for measuring performance & improving efficiency. 
  • This can be accomplished through analyzing maintenance reports, determining what benchmarks need to be set, and setting clear expectations for your machine performance and your people. 
  • You can use a number of asset management key performance indicators to make decisions to improve upon your preventive maintenance plan.

5. Assess your maintenance team. 

When trying to improve any type of process, you need to know where everyone on your team stands. 
Here are a handful of questions you can ask to determine what changes you may need to make within your team to improve your preventive maintenance plan: 
  • Are all of your maintenance team members qualified to perform your preventive maintenance tasks on all assets? 
  • Will improving your preventive maintenance plan require any help from third party services? 
  • Do you have adequate resources to keep up with preventive maintenance or do you need to hire additional team members? 
  • Do you have backup resources in the event of an injury or leave of absence, so that crucial preventive maintenance job don't get missed or delayed? 
  • Who is responsible for each assets? 
  • How are staff members held accountable for ensuring preventive maintenance deadlines are met?

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