Work smarter not harder


Work smarter not harder


Work smarter not harder
Work smarter not harder

    I became interested in time management back in 2007, after reading David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. By reading his book, a new world opened and I have been a student of time management and personal productivity ever since. After reading plenty of other productivity material from books and blogs, I finally started applying the strategies I had learned to my personal life. Later I took this knowledge to my work days too. Some of the advice worked fine (checking e-mail less was one of those things), while some other tricks increased my stress levels more than they actually helped me (namely, the 2- minute rule). It’s now 2015 and I have learned a lot more about time management. Not only do I write books about it, but I also train companies about it from time to time.

    This book contains the best productivity strategies I have learned over the past few years. No matter if you are working from home or in a cubicle, you can apply these strategies to your work day and take your performance to another level. I’m always willing to learn more about new ways to keep your productivity levels up.

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Work Smarter Not Harder: 

18 Productivity Tip That Boost Your Work Day Performance

The Basic Blocks of Productivity

18 Productivity Tips That Actually Make a Difference

1. Have a powerful start to your day

2. Understand your optimal working rhythm

3. Keep distractions at bay

4. Never start your day unplanned

5. Drink water

6. Identify the most important tasks and do them first

7. Ask these questions regarding your next meeting

8. Batch similar tasks together

9. Process your e-mail effectively

10. Delegate the right way

11. Take breaks

12. Take care of the frogs right away

13. Create checklists

14. Take a snapshot of your work before vacation

15. Focus on one thing at a time

16. Control the busywork

17. Know your tools (and your keyboard too!)

18. Know how you spend your time on your computer


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18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your Work Day


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