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Strategic Leadership

Gain strategic leadership skills and actively contribute to your organization's short- and long-term success. Organizations today confront two substantial obstacles: How to engage leaders at every level of the company so they are more pro-active and forward-thinking in their area of responsibility. 1. How to develop new sources of competitive advantage to support long-term growth. The Art of Strategic Leadership explores what it means to be a strategic leader in a novel way. The writers throw light on the characteristics and abilities required to lead strategic change and aid in the transformation of a corporation rather than concentrating on the skills, attitudes, and tools found in usual works on strategic leadership.

Modern leadership is all about strategic leadership. More than ever, organisations look to leaders to foresee needs and take initiative. The authors of this book employ an engaging story to demonstrate this inside-out approach to understanding strategic leadership while drawing on their extensive experience working directly with leaders at all levels. The story traces one manager's path to learning these vitally crucial traits. You will see firsthand how realistic leaders embody these beliefs and traits; how they plan the long-term strategic change required for the business to compete and survive; and how they actively shape the future while producing immediate results.


The content in The Art of Strategic Leadership will enable you to formally evaluate and think about your own strategic leadership traits, both those that are strengths and those that point to areas where you need to improve. It will direct you as you combine these principles and traits into your leadership style to improve your capacity as a change agent. You will benefit from this book in the following ways: Create a more proactive, forward-looking leadership style. Take a long-term and short-term approach to strategy Adopt the guiding ideals and beliefs of a strategic leader. emulate the traits displayed by strong leaders Strategic leaders provide strong examples for other employees in the company.

Their characteristics and features spread quickly to those in their immediate vicinity, enabling individuals at all levels to play a more active role in meeting the demands of the future. You will be better able to lead both yourself and your team to better places and to generate more value for clients, owners, and employees as a result of reading The Art of Strategic Leadership, which will deepen and widen your grasp of the fundamental principles of strategic leadership.



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