SCADA Training Manual


SCADA Training Manual


SCADA Training Manual
SCADA Training Manual

    This Book is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and the practical issues of SCADA systems. Particular emphasis has been placed on the practical aspects of SCADA systems with a view to the future. Formulae and details that can be found in specialized manufacturer manuals have been purposely omitted in favor of concepts and definitions. This chapter provides an introduction to the fundamental principles and terminology used in the field of SCADA.

    It is a summary of the main subjects to be covered throughout the manual. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) has been around as long as there have been control systems. The first 'SCADA' systems utilized data acquisition by means of panels of meters, lights and strip chart recorders. The operator manually operating various control knobs exercised supervisory control. These devices were and still are used to do supervisory control and data acquisition on plants, factories and power generating facilities. The following figure shows a sensor to panel system.

Modern Wiring Practice


Table of Contents

Chapter One “Introduction to SCADA Systems"

Chapter Two “Signal Journey in SCADA Systems”

Chapter Three “Citect Configuration Environment”

Chapter Four “Managing Projects”

Chapter Five “Setting Up Communications”

Chapter Six “Graphics”

Chapter Seven “Commands and Controls”

Chapter Eight “Genies”

Chapter Nine “Popup Pages and Genies”

Chapter Ten “Alarms”

Chapter Eleven “Trends”

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