Power Electronics Advanced Conversion Technologies


Power Electronics Advanced Conversion Technologies

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Power Electronics Advanced Conversion Technologies
Power Electronics Advanced Conversion Technologies

    Power Electronics is a large size technology, mainly covering four categories: the AC/DC rectifiers, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and AC/AC converters. This book offers approximately 100 novel topologies of all four. The applications are used in sustainable energy generation areas, such as distributed generation (DG), micro-grid (MG), smart grid (SG) systems, and electrical vehicles (EV). With case studies from GE, AEG, Simplatroll Ltd, and Chinese Power Manufacturing Co., the reader will be exposed to practical applications in industry and real-world settings. This new edition features an entirely new chapter on best switching angles to obtain lowest THD for multilevel DC/AC inverters. Additionally, all chapters have been updated and include homework problems throughout.

Handbook of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Uncontrolled AC/DC Rectifiers

Chapter 3 Controlled AC/DC Rectifiers

Chapter 4 Implementing Power Factor Correction in AC/DC Converters

Chapter 5 Ordinary DC/DC Converters

Chapter 6 Voltage Lift Converters

Chapter 7 Superlift Converters and Ultralift Converter

Chapter 8 Pulse-Width-Modulated DC/AC Inverters

Chapter 9 Multilevel and Soft-Switching DC/AC Inverters

Chapter 10 Best Switching Angles to Obtain Lowest Total Harmonic Distortion for Multilevel DC/AC Inverters

Chapter 11 Traditional AC/AC Converters

Chapter 12 Improved AC/AC Converters

Chapter 13 AC/DC/AC and DC/AC/DC Converters

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