In the previous 'Everything about factory automation' book, we had an introduction to the basics of the factory automation. We came to know that a PLC is an inevitable part of an industrial automation. An industry cannot be automated without the aid of a PLC.

There are a number of PLC manufacturers available in the market each PLC has its different aspects. Even though they are dissimilar, they work on the same principle.

In this book, we will dig deeper into the basics and advanced PLC programming. We are going to learn about Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Mitsubishi PLC, their programming software with real-world examples.

Oil and gas production handbook


Table Of Contents



1.1 Basics of PLC

1.2 Processor Memory Organization

1.3 Types of PLC

1.4 PLC manufacturers and their market share

1.5 PLC programming languages

1.6 PLC program execution


2.1 AB PLC series

2.2 Allen bradley PLC wiring configuration

2.3 PLC and their programming software

2.4 Allen bradley communication protocols

2.5 Addressing for ladder logic programming

2.6 Digital signal programming

2.7 Latch / Unlatch instructions

2.8 Use of timer and its types

2.9 Use of counter

2.10 Math instructions

2.11 Compare instructions

2.12 Move and copy instructions

2.13 Analog signal programming

2.14 Other instructions

2.15 RS logix 500 PLC software

2.16 PLC programming examples using rslogix 500 software

1. Logic gates

2. Water level control

3. Milk bottle filling and capping application

4. Packaging application

5. Weighing application

6. Boiler application

Case study 1-Hydraulic press machine


3.1 Siemens PLC series

3.2 Siemens S7- 1200 PLC wiring configuration

3.3 PLC and their programming software

3.4 Siemens communication protocols

3.5 Addressing for ladder logic programming


3.6 Digital signal programming

3.7 Bit logic

3.8 Timer

3.9 Counter

3.10 Math instructions

3.11 Comparator

3.12 Move, jump, and call instructions

3.13 Analog signal programming

3.14 Converter

3.15 Simatic manager step7 software

3.16 Plc programming examples using Simatic manager step 7 software

1. Tower lamps control

2. Traffic light control

3. Box sorting application

4. Material conveying application

5. Box lifter

6. Reaction tank

Case study 2- Pneumatic hammering machine

Mitsubishi PLC

4.1 Mitsubishi PLC series

4.2 Mitsubishi PLC wiring configuration

4.3 PLC and their programming software

4.4 Mitsubishi communication protocols

4.5 Addressing for ladder logic programming

4.6 Digital signal programming

4.7 Rising / Falling pulse instructions

4.8 Use of a timer

4.9 Use of counter

4.10 Math instructions

4.11 Compare instructions

ZCP Instruction

4.12 Move, jump, and logical instructions

4.13 Analog signals

4.14 Other instructions

4.15 Mitsubishi GX works2 PLC programming software

4.16 PLC programming examples using works2 software

1. Conveyor application

2. Heating application

3. Flash light

4. Home automation

5. Shrink tunnel

6. Production report

Case study 3- Road roller assembly line


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