Fire Pump Fitting and Accessories Manual PDF


Fire Pump Fitting and Accessories Manual PDF

When discussing fixed-place fire suppression systems like fire sprinklers, standpipes, and foam systems, a fire pump often refers to a pressure-increasing element of the water supply. Similar to fire hose operations, fire pumps are an essential component built into fire trucks and fire boats. They increase the water supply. Fire pumps are used to boost the pressure of water coming from a static supply or a municipal subterranean water supply piping network (e.g., tank, reservoir, lake). 

A centrifugal or positive displacement pump that has been certified and listed for use in the fire service by a third-party testing and listing organisation, such as UL or FM Global, is referred to as a fire pump. The National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection is the primary standard that controls fire pump fixed-place installations in North America.

Fire Pump Fitting and Accessories Manual PDF
Fire Pump Fitting and Accessories Manual PDF

Most frequently, an electric motor, a diesel engine, or sporadically a steam turbine, power fire pumps. A fire pump with an electric motor may use an emergency generator when linked via a designated transfer switch if the governing model building code specifies backup power independent of the local electric power grid. The vehicle's or vessel's engine provides power for the fire pumps that are installed on fire trucks and boats.


When the pressure in the fire sprinkler system falls below a preset level, a control panel with pressure sensors turns on the fire pumps. Water is incompressible, thus when one or more outlets open, fire suppression system pressures fall sharply and quickly. Fire hose valves attached to a standpipe, fused (opened) fire sprinklers, and automatic control valves activated by release panels are a few examples.

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Automatic Air Release Valve 

Suction And Discharge Gauge Assembly 

Casing Relief Valve 

Casing Relief Valve - R Series 

Hose Headers, 3X1, 4x2, 6X4, 8X6, 10X12, 12X12, 12X16, 12X20 

Hose Valve Cap & Chain 

Main Relief Valve - Pilot Controlled 

Main Relief Valve 

Closed Waste Cone 

Eccentric Reducer

Concentric Reducer 

Gerand Flowmeter 

GVI Flowmeter 

Straight & Reducing Tee 

Single Wall Fuel Tank 

Double Wall Fuel Tank 




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