Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams


Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams


Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

 The Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams product provides customers with a complete set of tools to create, modify, analyze, and document their Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) designs. Specifically, this product provides you with the capability to create and manage logical designs of piping systems using industry standard conventions, terminology, and practices. 

The tools are focused on creating an intelligent diagram that captures all appropriate design information. With this intelligent diagram design, the user is able to more productively create and validate designs. In addition, the captured intelligence can be reused for downstream design processes, which provides additional benefit to the customer's overall design process.

General layout and design tools are provided to place, locate and manage equipment, piping lines and I&C loops. In addition, capabilities are provided to quickly annotate diagrams with intelligent annotation, query/analyze/validate design information, and to generate appropriate report information. All of these design tools are provided via a highly intuitive and productive user interface that allows the user to quickly create, modify, and manage designs.

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Table Of Contents


Using This Guide

What's New?

Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Setting up Working Units and Grid

Placing Components

Routing a Piping Line or I & C Loop

Placing Components in a Piping Line

Repositioning Components in a Network

Saving Documents

User Tasks

Routing Piping Lines and I & C Loops

Routing Between Equipment

Creating a Branch

Moving a Branch

Manage Piping Lines and I & C Loops

Creating a Line ID

Querying a line ID or its members

Select/Filter Line IDs

Transfer members of a line ID

Deleting a line ID

Renaming a Line ID

Modifying the Properties of a Line ID

Merging Line IDs

Importing Line IDs

Placing components

Placing component multiple times

Placing a nozzle on a component

Modify object properties

Edit or Display Properties of an Object

Filter the Properties of an Object

Renaming Objects

Propagate Object Properties

On and Off Sheet Connectors

Place On and Off Sheet Connector

Link/Unlink On and Off Sheet Connectors

Query Connector for Linked Object

Search for Objects in a Document

Display Flow Arrows in Document

Display Line Gaps in Document

Connect Objects

Disconnect Objects

Measure Distance Between Objects

Move Design Elements

Align Objects

Defining Frame Information

Modifying a Component

Rotating a Component

Flipping a Component in Free Space

Flipping a Connected Component

Changing the Scale of a Component

Switch Graphic Representations

Replacing a Component

Delete/Unbuild a Component

Modifying a Route

Setting Graphic Properties of a Line

Adjust the Position of a Segment

Move the Extremity of a Route

Lock or Unlock a Route

Breaking a Route

Connecting Two Routes

Set the Flow Direction of a Route

Display Flow Arrows on a Line

Creating and Managing Zones

Creating a Zone

Creating a Boundary

Modifying a Boundary

Updating a Boundary

Querying a Zone

Modifying the Properties of a Zone

Delete/Rename a Zone

Annotating Diagrams

Creating a Standard

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