Electrical Engineering for dummies


Electrical Engineering for dummies


Electrical Engineering for dummies
Electrical Engineering for dummies

 Contemporary engineering requires that practitioners specialize. There is simply too much to know for any one individual to deal with all of the technical aspects of most engineering projects. Still, real-world engineering problems are almost never neatly divided into mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, and other categories. Thus, there is a need for all engineers to have at least a basic knowledge of the full spectrum of specialties throughout the engineering profession, not to mention consideration of economics and environmental, political, and social issues. It is paradoxical that while we need an ever-increasing depth of knowledge in our particular field, we also need an ever-broadening general education.


This book presumes to present the fundamentals of electrical engineering. It is recommended to those who seek an understanding of the fundamentals of electrical engineering, separated from important, but nonessential, digressions into detailed technical analyses that are essential to in-depth specialized studies. This is not to say that the material is written in the “EE for dummies” style, which is so popular in contemporary writing. The fundamentals are treated with the same scientific and mathematical rigor as one would rightfully expect in any engineering textbook. It is just that many topics which are necessary for one to learn in order to claim the title of “expert” are intentionally omitted. The book is intended as the beginning, and not the end, of EE study.

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 What Is Engineering?

Chapter 2 Electrical Circuit Concepts

Chapter 3 Electrical Energy

Chapter 4 Electrical Generation and Transmission

Chapter 5 Electrical Loads

Chapter 6 Semiconductor Devices

Chapter 7 Sensors and Instrumentation

Chapter 8 Digital Logic

Chapter 9 Robots

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