Industrial Automation and Robotics


Industrial Automation and Robotics: Techniques and Applications


Industrial Automation and Robotics

    This book discusses the radical technological changes occurring due to Industry 4.0, with a focus on offering a better understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also presents a detailed analysis of interdisciplinary knowledge, numerical modeling and simulation, and the application of cyber–physical systems, where information technology and physical devices create synergic systems leading to unprecedented efficiency.


    The book focuses on industrial applications of automation and robotics. It covers recent developments and trends occurring in both computer-aided manufacturing techniques, as well as computer-aided assembly techniques. Robots using embedded systems and artificial intelligence applications are also covered.

    Industrial Automation and Robotics: Techniques and Applications offers theoretical results, practical solutions, and guidelines that are valuable for both researchers and those working in the area of engineering.


Table of Contents

1. IoT Based Embedded Sensor System for Real-Time Health Monitoring of Composite Structures for Large Scale Industrial Operations. 

2. Computer Aided Ergonomic Design and Assembly of a Domestic String Hopper Machine. 

3. Application of Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm in Electrochemical Machining Process Optimization. 

4. Simulation for Decision Making in The Orthogonal Turning Operation of Three Different Aluminum Alloys Using John-Cook Plasticity Model and Damage Laws. 

5. Development of Forward Kinematics of a Two-DOF Manipulator in MATLAB Environment. 

6. Machine Learning Algorithms in Intellectual Robotics. 

7. Application of 3D Printing and Robotics in Healthcare Industry. 

8. Self-Repeating Robotic Arm – An Experimental Learning. 

9. Robotics Applications and Its Impact in the Global Agricultural Sectors for Advancing Automation.

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