Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing


Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Book Description

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing

    The second edition of a bestseller, this definitive text covers all aspects of testing and maintenance of the equipment found in electrical power systems serving industrial, commercial, utility substations, and generating plants. It addresses practical aspects of routing testing and maintenance and presents both the methodologies and engineering basics needed to carry out these tasks. It is an essential reference for engineers and technicians responsible for the operation, maintenance, and testing of power system equipment. Comprehensive coverage includes dielectric theory, dissolved gas analysis, cable fault locating, ground resistance measurements, and power factor, dissipation factor, DC, breaker, and relay testing methods.

Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction


Table of Contents

Introduction to Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing. 

Direct Current Voltage Testing of Electrical Equipment. 

Alternating Current Voltage Testing Methods (Power factor/Dissipation Factor Tests). 

Insulating Oil, Fluids, and Gases. 


Cables and Accessories. 

Medium Voltage Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, and Protective Relays. 

Low Voltage Switchgear and Circuit Breakers. 

Motors and Generators. 

Electrical Power System Grounding and Ground Resistance Measurements. 

Electrical Safety, Switching Practices, and Precautions.

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