Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    2010 First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering was held in Wuhan, China December 4-5. Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering book contains 72 revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the conference. Topics covered include, Power Engineering, Telecommunication, Control engineering, Signal processing, Integrated circuit, Electronic amplifier, Nano-technologies, Circuits and networks, Microelectronics, Analog circuits, Digital circuits, Nonlinear circuits, Mixed-mode circuits, Circuits design, Sensors, CAD tools, DNA computing, Superconductivity circuits. Electrical and Electronics Engineering will offer the state of art of tremendous advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working with/on Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Electrical and Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation


Table Of Contents

- Link Building on Demand in Multi-robots.

- Energy conservation renovation on 600MW units condensate pump.

- FPGA-Based PCI Data Acquisition Synchronization Card of Railway Clearance Detection System.

- Short-circuit Characteristics of Asynchronous Generators and Double-fed Induction Generators Inter-connected Grid.

- Optimization Design of Lifetime Distribution in Power Diode with Fast and Soft Recovery.

- Research on Double-Base Regions High-Power Fast Recovery Diode.

- Analysis and Design on Drive Circuit of Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor.

- Multi-fuel combustion measurement in utility boiler for optimal operation.

- Customized Processor Architecture for Model Predictive Control in Magnetic Actuated Small Satellites.

- iCloudMedia: A Business Model for Cloud-Based Interactive Multimedia Services.

- Study and Practice of an Improving Multi-path Search Algorithm in a City Public Transportation Network.

- An Optimal Combination Weights Method Considering both Subjective and Objective Weight Information in Power Quality Evaluation.

- A Novel Reference Wave Generating Algorithm Based on Sliding Window Iterative DFT and Adaptive Sampling Algorithm for DVR.

- An Analysis and Research of the Related Information Aggregation Assessment Based on Sensor Networks.

- Development of Electronic Compass for Indoor Mobile Robot.

- A Simulation study of Space Vector PWM Rectifier based on PSCAD.

- Evaluation of Distribution Network Reliability Based on Network Equivalent.

- Effective Coverage Area Based on Call Dropping Probability of Next Generation Wireless Cellular Networks with Mobile Relay Station.

- Two-Dimensional Rate Model for Video Coding.

- Coherent Integration Loss Due to Transmit Antenna Scanning Modulation Effect on Passive Bistatic Radar.

- Research on Compressive Sensing Based GPR Data Acquisition.

- A Projection Access Scheme Based on Prime Number Increment for Cone-Beam Iterative Reconstruction.

- The Simulation of the Noise Eliminated based on Artificial Neural Network.

- Simulation Research on μ Synthesis Robust Control for Driving of Hybrid-Power Electric Vehicle.

- Influencing Factors on Power Generation Mode of Electroactive Polymer.

- An Adiabatic Register File Using Gate-Length Biasing Technique with Dual-Threshold CMOS.

- Near-Threshold Computing of ECRL Circuits for Ultralow-Power Applications.

- A Dual-Threshold CMOS Technique of P-Type CAL Circuits for Leakage Reduction.

- An Improved Phase Shift Modulation Method for Cascade Active Power Filter with Low Switching Frequency.

- An Integration Method for Edge Detection.

- A New Approach for Fingerprint Matching Based on Singular Points Detection.

- On the Enhancement of TCP Prool.

- Transformer Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Improved ANFIS.

- Causes and Solutions of Electrical Circuit Fire of the Residential Basements in Beijing City, China.

- Minimization of Torque Ripple in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive – A review.

- A New Scheme for Preprocessing Image Sequence in Wearable Vision System.

- Wrapper Roll Control System of Hot Strip Mill.

- Analysis and amend Online Certificate Service Prools.

- Contourlet-2.3 Retrieval Algorithm Using Absolute Mean Energy and Kurtosis Features.

- Predict Demonstration Method and Its Application on Robot Soccer Obstacle Avoidance.

- Study on the Gain of SNR for Programmable Amplifiers.

- Testbench Design for a Mixed-Signal SoC.

- Implementation of Rapid Prototype Verification for Block-based SoC.

- Design of a H.264 Main Profile Video Decoding Coprocessor.

- An Authentication System Using Finger Vein Features.

- Excitation Parameter Identification Based on the Adaptive Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization.

- The Page Scheduling Schema Exploiting Periodic Access Pattern.

- Design of Simple Home Service Robot Based on Infineon Microcontroller.

- Computer Simulation of the Leontief Model in ADA.

- Direct Radial Suspension Force Control Algorithm of Bearingless Synchronous Reluctance Motor.

- Application of Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring water temperature difference in blast furnace cooling system.

- Digital Control Technology of Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

- A New Ball Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on EMD and SVM.

- Self-tuning centralized fusion Wiener filter with applied to signal processing.

- Covariance Intersection Fusion Kalman Filter.- Self-tuning decoupled fusion Kalman smoother for signal processing.

- The Formation of virtual Backbone Network in MANETs Based on Cognitive Radio.

- Development of the nerve-central listen System based on component.

- Research of the Strip Shape Control System on Cold Strip Mill.

- Research on the Optimal Control of Tube Billet Temperature for Rotary Reheating Furnace.

- Research of Traffic Evacuation Methods of Unexpected Events.

- Medical Image Registration Based on Improved PSO Algorithm.

- The Application of Sliding Mode Control in High Precision Low Speed Servo System.

- One Improvement Control Method of Maximum Power Point Tracking.

- A Quality Control Method Based on Data Mining Technology.

- Two switched-current memory cells for high-speed digital communication system.

- A Novel High-performance BiCMOS F/V Converter for Low-frequency Signal Processing Systems.

- Novel 0.15 µm BiCMOS A/D Optoelectronic Converter with Schmitt Trigger Circuit.

- A Kind of Differential BiCMOS Optical Converter with Three Op Amp and Triple Loop Control.

- Analysis of Transparent Coating Technology on the Surface Texture of Ash Veneer based on Wavelet Component Parameters.

- Research on Architectures and Key Techniques of Gansu Science & Technology Documentation Sharing Platform.

- Effective Design for CRFF Sigma-Delta Modulators Using Inverters Based on 0.13μm CMOS.

- Hardware Design of Sensor Nodes in the Nilaparvata lugens Monitoring System based on the Internet of Things.

- Finding All Maximum Non-crossing Subsets of Nets Using Dynamic Programming.

- Non-fragile H∞ Control with Pole Constraints for a Class of Nonlinear Sample-data System.

- A Dual-band Tapered Slot Omni-directional Antenna with an Orthogonal Polygon Parasitic Element.

- Local approximation in Manifold Learning.

- Semi-Supervised Local Tangent Space Alignment.

- The characteristics of Underwater Plasma Discharge channel and Its Discharge Circuit.

- The Evaluation Index System of the Industrial Clusters' Core Competence and fuzzy synthetic evaluation.

- Research on Integration of Heterogeneous Wireless Access Communication Networks.

- Research on the Radiation Field of Mono-radiation Wide-band Leaky Coaxial Cable Using for 3G Mobile Communication.

- Pre-design and Analysis of Flow Field of Spacer-free Nozzle of Aluminum Roll-casting.

- Optimize Structure Dimension of Spacer-free Nozzle of Aluminum Roll Casting Using Orthogonal Experiment Design.

- Quantitative Analysis of Orthogonal Experiment on Simulation of Fluid Field in Spacer-free Nozzle in Aluminum Roll-casting.

- An Optimization Scheme of Single-spacer Nozzle of Aluminum Roll Casting Using Coupled Fluid-thermal Finite Element Analysis.

- Association Rules Algorithm in Bank Risk Assessment.

- A Wide Bandwidth Microstrip Array Antenna with Inverted L-shaped Slots.

- Sonar Image Fusion Denoising Method based on Multiple Morphological Wavelet Packets.

- Research and Design of Fiber Grating Temperature Sensing System based on Interferometric Demodulation Technique.

- Analysis on Authentication Secrecy of Non-repudiation Prools.

- Research on Control Strategy of Intelligent Monitoring System For Greenhouse Environment.

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