AC motor control and electrical vehicle applications


AC motor control and electrical vehicle applications

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AC motor control and electrical vehicle applications

    AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications provides a guide to the control of AC motors with a focus on its application to electric vehicles (EV). It describes the rotating magnetic flux, based on which dynamic equations are derived. The text not only deals with the induction motor, but covers the permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Additionally, the control issues are discussed by taking into account the limitations of voltage and current. The latest edition includes more experimental data and expands upon the topics of inverter, pulse width modulation methods, loss minimizing control, and vehicle dynamics. Various EV motor design issues are also reviewed, while comparing typical types of PMSMs.


  • Considers complete dynamic modeling of induction and PMSM in the rotating frame.
  • Provides various field-oriented controls, while covering advanced topics in PMSM high speed control, loss minimizing control, and sensorless control.
  • Covers inverter, sensors, vehicle dynamics, driving cycles, etc., not just motor control itself.
  • Offers a comparison between BLDC, surface PMSM, and interior PMSM.
  • Discusses how the motor produces torque and is controlled based on consistent mathematical treatments.

Condition Monitoring and Faults Diagnosis of Induction Motors


Table of Contents

Preliminaries for Motor Control. 

Rotating Magnetic Field. 

Induction Motor Basics. 

Dynamic Modeling of Induction Motors. 

Induction Motor Control. 

Permanent Magnet AC Motors. 

PMSM Control Methods. 

Magnetism and Motor Losses. 

Sensorless Control of PMSMs. 

Pulse Width Modulation and Inverter. 

Basics of Motor Design. 

EV Motor Design and Control. 

Vehicle Dynamics. 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

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