Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology


Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology


Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

    Bird’s Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology  explains electrical circuit theory and associated technology topics in a straightforward  manner, supported by practical engineering examples and applications to ensure that  readers can relate theory to practice.

    The extensive and thorough coverage, containing over 800 worked examples,  makes this an excellent text for a range of courses, in particular for Degree and  Foundation Degree in electrical principles, circuit theory, telecommunications, and  electrical technology. The text includes some essential mathematics revision, together  with all the essential electrical and electronic principles for BTEC National and Diploma  syllabuses and City & Guilds Technician Certificate and Diploma syllabuses in engineering.  This material will be a great revision for those on higher courses.

    This edition includes several new sections, including glass batteries,  climate change, the future of electricity production, and discussions  concerning everyday aspects of electricity, such as watts and lumens,  electrical safety, AC vs DC, and trending technologies.

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Table Of Content

Section 1 Revision of some basic mathematics

1. Some mathematics revision

2. Further mathematics revision

Section 2 Basic electrical and electronic engineering principles

3. Units associated with basic electrical quantities

4. An introduction to electric circuits

5. Resistance variation

6. Batteries and alternative sources of energy

7. Series and parallel networks

8. Capacitors and capacitance

9. Magnetic circuits

10. Electromagnetism

11. Electromagnetic induction

12. Electrical measuring instruments and measurements

13. Semiconductor diodes

14. Transistors

Section 3 Electrical Principles and Technology

15. d.c. circuit theory

16. Alternating voltages and currents

17. Single-phase series a.c. circuits

18. Single-phase parallel a.c. circuits

19. d.c. transients

20. Operational amplifiers

21. Global climate change and the future of electricity generation

22. Three-phase systems

23. Transformers

24. d.c. machines

25. Three-phase induction motors

Section 4 Advanced circuit theory and technology

26. Revision of complex numbers

27. Application of complex numbers to series a.c. circuits

28. Application of complex numbers to parallel a.c. circuits

29. Power in a.c. circuits

30. a.c. bridges

31. Series resonance and Q-factor

32. Parallel resonance and Q-factor

33. Introduction to network analysis

34. Mesh-current and nodal analysis

35. The superposition theorem

36. Thévenin’s and Norton’s theorems

37. Delta-star and star-delta transformations

38. Maximum power transfer theorems and impedance matching

39. Complex waveforms

40. A numerical method of harmonic analysis

41. Magnetic materials

42. Dielectrics and dielectric loss

43. Field theory

44. Attenuators

45. Filter networks

46. Magnetically coupled circuits

47. Transmission lines

48. Transients and Laplace transforms

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