Workplace Health and Safety International Perspectives


Workplace Health and Safety International Perspectives

Workplace Health and Safety International Perspectives

David Walters and Theo Nichols' International Perspectives on Worker Representation in the Workplace. This book offers a cutting-edge look at the experience of worker representation in workplace health and safety employment relations. This book grew out of a seminar hosted by the Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre (CWERC) at Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences. The book considers whether current regulatory and organisational constructs erode or enhance the effectiveness of worker representation.

The Contents of Workplace Health and Safety


National Arrangements for Workers

Worker Representation in Health and Safety in the UK

The Australian Framework for Worker Participation in OHS

Safety Culture and High-Risk Environments

Health and Safety Committees in France

Characteristics, Activities, and Perceptions of Spanish Safety Representatives

OSHA Regulations and Guidelines for Health Care Providers

Challenges and Strategies for Worker Representation in the Modern World of Work

Health and Safety Representation in Small Firms

Trade Union Strategies to Support Representation

Occupational Ergonomics A Practical Approach

Worker Representation and Health and Safety.



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