Health and Safety Pocket Book


Health and Safety Pocket Book

The Health and Safety Pocket Book has been fully revised and updated for the second edition to include all relevant legal, HSE ACoP/Guidance, and practise references. It is still a useful resource for practising health and safety professionals, auditors, managers, human resource personnel, employee representatives, and anyone else with health and safety responsibilities.

Health and Safety Pocket Book

The book is a must-have collection of advice, data, and checklists covering a wide range of health and safety topics, supplemented by an extensive key glossary. The A-Z arrangement within the chapters and extensive cross-referencing make it simple to navigate, and the volume's size and scope make it ideal for ready reference and site visits. The book will also be useful for all levels of health and safety courses.

Key characteristics include:


The primary legal health and safety requirements for every industry

Elements and systems of safety management

Checklists for major risks that affect all industries

A plethora of charts, difficult-to-remember details, and data

A glossary of key health and safety concepts

A listing of vital health and safety courses, publications, and organisations

Tips for revising key examination themes

Table of Contents in Health and Safety Pocket Book


Health and Safety Law

Legal background

The principle statutes

Principal regulations

Approved codes of practice

HSE guidance notes

Health and Safety Management

Health and safety management in practice

Hazard checklists

Health and Safety Information

Tables and figures


Health and Safety Glossary


Accredited training courses in occupational health and safety

Documentation and record keeping requirements

Useful publications and information sources

Professional organisations

Industries principal legal requirements



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