Electrical Power Systems Technology


Electrical Power Systems Technology


Electrical Power Systems Technology
Electrical Power Systems Technology

    Electrical Power Systems Technology (Third Edition) provides a broad overview of the production, distribution, control, conversion, and measurement of electrical power. The presentation method used in this book will allow the reader to develop an understanding of electrical power systems. The units of the book are organized in a systematic manner, beginning with electrical power production methods. The fundamentals of each major unit of the book are discussed at the beginning of the unit. These fundamentals provide a framework for the information that follows in each unit. The last unit has been expanded to include control devices.

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    This book deals with many important aspects of electrical power, not just with one or two areas. In this way, it will give the reader a better understanding of the total electrical power system—from the production of electricity to its conversion to other forms of energy. Each unit deals with a specific system, such as production, distribution, control, conversion, or measurement. Each system is broken down into subsystems. The subsystems are then explored in greater detail in the chapters that make up each unit.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Power Measurement Fundamentals

  • Units of Measurement
  • Conversion of SI Units
  • Scientific Notation

Chapter 2 Power System Fundamentals 

  • The System Concept
  • Basic System Functions
  • A Simple Electrical System Example
  • Energy, Work, and Power
  • Types of Electrical Circuits
  • Power in DC Electrical Circuits
  • Maximum Power Transfer
  • Overview of Alternating Current (AC) Circuits
  • Vector and Phasor Diagrams
  • Impedance in AC Circuits
  • Power Relationships in AC Circuits
  • Power Relationships in Three

Chapter 3 Power Measurement Equipment

  • Measurement Systems
  • Measuring Electrical Power
  • Measuring Electrical Energy
  • Measuring Three-Phase Electrical Energy
  • Frequency Measurement
  • Clamp-On Meters Telemetering Systems

Chapter 4 Modern Power Systems

  • Electrical Power Plants
  • Fossil Fuel Systems
  • Steam Turbines Boilers
  • Hydroelectric Systems
  • Nuclear Fission Systems
  • Operational Aspects of Modem Power Systems

Chapter 5 Power Distribution Fundamentals 

  • Overview of Electrical Power Distribution
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Radial, Ring, and Network Distribution Systems
  • Use of Transformers for Power Distribution
  • Conductors in Power Distribution Systems
  • Conductor Area
  • Resistance of Conductors
  • Conductor Sizes and Types
  • Power Distribution Systems

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