How to Win Every Argument


How to Win Every Argument

How to Win Every Argument

Madsen Pirie's witty and infectious book provides a complete guide to using—and abusing—logic to win arguments. He identifies and demolishes all of the most common fallacies used in arguments. 


We all like to think of ourselves as rational and logical, but all readers will discover in this book fallacies of which they are guilty. The author demonstrates how to strengthen your own thinking while also identifying flaws in other people's arguments. Pirie also demonstrates how to be deliberately illogical—and get away with it! This book will make you so smart that your family, friends, and opponents will all wish you hadn't read it.

Warning from the publisher: This book is dangerous in the wrong hands. We advise you to arm yourself while keeping it out of the hands of others. Only purchase this book as a gift if you are certain that the recipient can be trusted.

Contents in How to Win Every Argument book:

†¢ Affirming the consequent

†¢ Blinding with science

†¢ Conclusion which denies premises

†¢ Emotional appeals

†¢ The Exception that proves the rule

†¢ Half-concealed qualification

†¢ Poisoning the well

†¢ Positive conclusion from negative premise

†¢ Shifting the burden of proof

†¢ Trivial questions

†¢ Wishful thinking



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