CRITICAL THINKING Consider the Verdict


CRITICAL THINKING Consider the Verdict

CRITICAL THINKING Consider the Verdict pdf

Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict teaches students how to detect fallacies and examine and construct cogent arguments through lively and authentic examples drawn from jury trials, contemporary political and social debate, and advertising.

Reader-friendly and approachable, yet thorough and rigorous-


Consider the Verdict teaches students how to integrate all logic skills into the critical decision-making process and construct arguments from examples gained through the study of current and historical legal and popular debates.

Experience in Teaching and Learning

Improve Critical Thinking - "Argue Your Case" sections, "Consider the Verdict" boxes, real-life examples and cases, and an optional chapter on "Thinking Critically about Statistics" all encourage students to examine their assumptions, discern hidden values, evaluate evidence, and assess their conclusions, among other things.

Consider the Verdict's readable, conversational style, wealth of exercises, suggested Website resources, glossary (and more!) make it easy for your students to read, understand, and engage with the text.

Instructors who provide assistance - It's never been easier to teach your course! You can use our Instructor's Manual, Electronic "MyTest" Test Bank, or PowerPoint Presentation Slides to create a Customized Text. Furthermore, instructors find it simple to teach from Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict because it provides students with an argument context that helps them orient to new material and place it in a familiar setting, allowing you to present different, complementary material in class!

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Youngstown State University's Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is chaired by Dr. Bruce N. Waller. In 1979, he received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Consider Ethics: Theory, Readings, and Contemporary Issues, and Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict, You Decide! are among his other works. Current Criminal Justice Debates, You Decide! You Decide on Current Debates in Contemporary Moral Problems! You Decide on Current Debates in Introductory Philosophy! Coffee and Philosophy: A Conversational Introduction to Philosophy with Readings, and Against Moral Responsibility are some of the current debates in ethics.



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