The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book


The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

"The ultimate guide to job interviews! A methodical, risk-free approach to generating offers. It should be available to all job seekers."

-National Employment Market

"The programmed system works because it is a simple, practical, and time-tested method of conducting proper interviews. Use it to get the job and win the interview!"

-Associated Press' Mary Lyon

"Allen's 'Q&A' interview approach removes the applicant's fear of the unknown, replaces it with the confidence of knowing what to expect, and trains the applicant to receive job offers."

-Kimberly A. Hellyar, Training Consultants International Director

What exactly is a job interview? Is it a fair assessment of your experience, skills, and work ethic? Not exactly. It is a screening test. You are the performer.

In this best-selling book, Jeff Allen, the world's foremost authority on the interview process, demonstrates how getting hired is almost entirely dependent on the "actor factor." You'll be hired if you know your lines, perfect your delivery, and dress the part. You won't if you don't.

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Jeff creates your own personalized interview script in The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book to prepare you for any question that comes your way. He gives you a fail-safe delivery format for responding the right way every time, covering everything from personal background to management ability and technological know-how. This new edition has been updated to help you navigate today's changing job market, and it includes a completely new chapter on dealing with the most recent interrogation questions.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR JEFFREY G. ALLEN, J.D., C.P.C., is the world's leading authority on the interview process and the author of twenty-five career books, including the best-selling How to Turn an Interview Into a Job.

Contents in The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book


Chapter 1: Personal and Family Data.

Chapter 2: Educational Background.

Chapter 3: Character Traits.

Chapter 4: Initiative and Creativity.

Chapter 5: Management Ability.

Chapter 6: Career Objectives.

Chapter 7: Suitability for Target Job.

Chapter 8: Salary Negotiations.

Chapter 9: Experience and Training.

Chapter 10: Technology Know-How.

Chapter 11: Interrogation Questions.

Chapter 12: Outside Interests.

Chapter 13: Questions to Ask the Interviewer.



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