50 Important Civil Engineering Interview Q&A

50 Important Civil Engineering Interview Q&A 

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1. How Do You Calculate Concrete Volume?

Concrete volume is calculated by multiplying its length, width, and thickness. For example, 1m x 1m x 1m = 1 m3 of concrete volume.

2. What is the purpose of the concrete cover for reinforcement?

Concrete reinforcement covers are required to protect the rebar from corrosion and to provide fire resistance.

3. How Do You Check The Level On A Construction Site?

I'll use the Spirit Level, Dumpy Level, and Leveling Pipe to check the level on the construction site.

4. How Reliable Is the Dumpy Level?

We can take a 5 mm accurate or minimum reading with the help of a dumpy level.

5. How Do You Determine The Weight Of 12m Long And 10mm Diameter Steel On-Site?

It is straightforward,

By multiplying the steel bar's length by its unit weight (unit wt of 10mm = 0.60 kg/m),

Steel weight = 0.60 x 12 = 7.2 kg

6. What equation is used to calculate the unit weight of the steel bar?

(D2/162) is an equation used to determine the unit weight of a steel bar.

7. What Size Is A Concrete Cube?

A concrete cube's standard dimensions are 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm.

8. What Should You Do If A Concrete Cube Fails The Compressive Strength Test After 28 Days?

If the concrete cube fails the strength test, I will conduct a core cutter test on it and report back to higher authorities.

9. What is the concrete mix ratio for M – 20 grade?

The Mix ratio for M20 is 1: 1.5: 3.


10. What Are the Steps in Building Construction?

Building construction involves several steps, including,

Masonry work in concrete

Plastering tasks

Formwork for flooring

Bending and cutting steel

Plumbing and Electrical Services

11. What is the weight per unit of 12 mm steel bars?

0.89 g/m

12. What is the steel density?

7850 kg per m3

13. The number 415 in Fe – 415 Steel Grade denotes the of Steel.

Tensile Strength

14. What is the volume of a 50 kg cement bag?

0.03 m3

15. What is the average stair width in a residential building?

900 millimetres

16. The Stair Slope Should Not Exceed.


17. Steel column minimum diameter

12 millimetres

18. What is the standard brick size?

Size: 19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm


19. What is the RCC unit weight?


2500 kg per m3


20. One acre equals ___________ square feet.


43560 square feet


21. What is the full spelling of UTM?

Universal Testing Equipment


22. When does cement expire?

three months


23. Is one square metre equal to ________ square feet?

10.76 square feet


24. What is the unit weight of 25 mm steel bars?

3.85 kg per metre

25. One acre equals one hectare.

2.47 hectares


26. One gallon is equal to ________litres.

3.78 gallons


27. A kilonewton equals ________ kilogrammes.

101.97 kilogrammes


28. A tonne equals ________ kilogrammes.

1 tonne


29. What is the maximum allowed free fall of concrete?______?

1.5 metres


30. What is the name of the instrument used for levelling on a construction site?

Level Dumpy


31. The minimum number of bars in a circular column should be_______.

6 pcs.


32. What is AAC's Full Form?

Aerated Concrete in an Autoclave


33. What is the full name of NDT?

Non – Destructive Evaluation


34. What does JCB stand for?

Bamford, Joseph Cyril


35. Which test is used to determine soil bearing capacity?

Plate Load Experiment


36. Which construction material is subjected to ring and ball testing?


37. What is the minimum hook length required by the IS Code?

75 mm 

38. What is the reason for the extra length in bent up bars?


39. What is Dumpy's lowest count?


40. What exactly is Full of EGL?

The current ground level.

41. A first-rate brick should absorb more water than?

a percentage of 20%

42. How many bricks are used in one cubic metre of brickwork?

500 pcs.

43. What is the typical consistency of Portland cement?

a quarter

44. Expansion in Portland cement is measured by...

Test for Stability

45. According to the IS Code, full concrete strength is achieved after?

28 days.

46. How much cement does one bag contain?

0.03 m3

47. What is the minimum grade of concrete used for RCC?

20 – M

48. When Does Cement Expire?

Three months

49. What is DPR's Full Form?

Comprehensive Project Report

50. What is the initial and final cement setting time?

Initially: less than 30 minutes and 600 minutes.

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